Privacy Policy

We consider confidential all the information you provide to us so we won't publish nor transfer to any third party any of your data without your explicit permission.

Also, we have in place a number of security measures in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. Among them there are the following :

  • All transactions that may contain private data are performed through a secure server.
  • We don't collect your credit card information, instead your order will be transferred to a highly secure third party specialized in online payments.
  • Your login session is valid only for a short period.

Occasionally we may send some informational message to your email address. In such case, it would be very few times during the year, and only to inform you about our services and products, such as new version announces of the products you purchased. Let us know if you don't want to receive any informational message at all.


Refund Policy

In order to prevent fraud we have a strict refund policy, therefore we strongly recommend that you try the product before you buy it by using the evaluation version. If you find it too limited, please ask us for assistance but don't purchase just to try the product because you may not get a refund if it doesn't meet your expectations.

After purchase, your order can be cancelled and your money refunded in the following cases:

  • In case of duplicated orders.
  • If our records show us that you didn't download the software.
  • Exceptionally and at our discretion, only if we consider that there are sufficient guarantees that the downloaded software won't be used.

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