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On-premise FOP Server
Product Name Price Product Description
J4L Inhouse Premium FOP Server
EUR 149.00
USD 149.00
J4L FOP Permium Server. It is available as an stanalone windows server or as a war to be deployed on your own server.
J4L on-premise FOP Server Professional
EUR 100.00
USD 100.00
Professional version of the on-premise J4L FOP Server. Includes technical support during 6 months. It can run as a windows service. Yearly support available as an option.
J4L on-premise FOP Server yearly maintenance
EUR 80.00
USD 80.00
Yearly fee for support and upgrades of the on-premise J4L FOP Server. The period starts after the initial 6 months, therefore the complete support period after the initial purchase is 18 months.

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